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Karen Bognar KhanKaren Bognar Khan was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. By the time Karen was in fifth grade she decided to pursue art as a profession. This pursuit led her to Carnegie Mellon University where she studied painting and sculpture, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1980. From Carnegie Mellon she developed her critical thinking skills and creative abilities in the realm of abstract painting and sculpture. After graduation she moved to New York City and found her true direction which can only be described as a fusion of real and surreal styles of painting.

She studied Illustration at The Parsons School of Design and pursued work as a free lance illustrator. Because of her new found interests in the academic and naturalist traditions of classical art, it became necessary for her to pursue figurative studies at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. She moved to Philadelphia, PA. The organized, intense and concise training of the Pennsylvania Academy provided Karen with a deep understanding of anatomy and figurative painting. While in Philadelphia she was represented by the Go forth Rittenhouse Galleries, Philadelphia.

In 1990 she returned home to Pittsburgh, PA. Karen's work was shown in the Mendelson Gallery, Pgh. She founded a company Universal Murals that produced residential and commercial murals and advertising art until 2000.
This work was lucrative but left her little time for fine arts. In 2002 Karen married and after that, she decided to devote her time only to painting and sculpture.

Karen and her husband currently live at Blue Heaven Farm in Richmond, Massachusetts.  Karen exhibits locally.  She also gives private art lessons to students of all ages who wish to pursue art as a career.  She is a certified art teacher. 

Throughout her life Karen has done numerous commissions. She has now decided to make her works affordable to a wider audience by selling prints of her paintings and some murals.




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